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WolfPak is on a mission for better leaders and a better future. We train the next generation of leaders, creating happier teams, healthier businesses and a more inclusive society.

We lay the foundation for good leadership at an early stage. Our platform accompanies new leaders, providing them with cutting edge, AI powered leadership training, the right tools at the right time, online workshops and access to coaching.

We believe in the power of AI while fostering a culture of leadership training as well as promoting a balance between technology and human connection.

Level up your Skills with our FutureSkills Leadership Assessment

In a world where change is the only constant, the mettle of leadership is tested by its capacity to evolve. The FutureSkills Leadership Assessment invites your leaders to a transformative experience, where their professional growth meets the excellence of tomorrow’s standards.

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  • Discover the Leader Within
    Start a journey of self-discovery, one that maps out  strengths and areas  for development.

  • Science-Backed, Future-Proofed
    Our assessment aligns with sustainable development and is a commitment to responsible and far-sighted leadership.

  • Invest in Leadership Excellence
    Choosing the FutureSkills Leadership Assessment is an investment in your organization's future.

Latest News

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WolfPak Leader Podcast

Get transformational insights in our podcast hosted by Diana Engetschwiler. In the first episode, she talks about Mastering Workplace Politics with Integrity with Nick Lau, a Harvard biochemist and Oxford graduate who's led the planning for several FIFA World Cups and now, at 44, is pursuing his Olympic dreams in cross-country skiing. His story is a testament to what's possible when integrity and ambition meet.

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What WorXX - our column at elleXX

How to be heard at meetings? What to do if somebody steals your idea? And why does New Work also need New Leadership? In our WolfPak column at elleXX, Katia Murmann dives into the wisdom of leadership, gives tipps on how to succeed and drives the discussion to shape New Leadership for New Work.

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Test Your Leadership Skills

What is your superpower as a leader? Uncover your strengths, pinpoint areas for growth, and pave your path in tomorrow's dynamic leadership landscape. Our scientific assessment is grounded in the 'Inner Development Goals framework', and vital for leaders who aspire to shape the future.

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Our Product Features

1. Measure your
Leadership Skills

With our scientific Future Skills assessment, tailormade for new leaders, we evaluate your leadership skills, and give you powerful and actionable insights in your personal report.

2. Get your Personal Learning Path

We generate your personal learning path based on the assessment results. Our content is tailored to your individual needs and learning style. Companies can add material.

3. Ask your
Virtual Coach

Chat with our AI coach, available 24/7, to get answers to your leadership challenges. Our AI model is specifically trained on leadership topics based on trusted sources.

4. Get Feedback on your Meetings

Our AI evaluates leadership skills in different situations. Our plug-in for your daily communication channels enables situation-based feedback for optimal growth.

Why Leadership matters


Prepare your Leaders

A Gallup poll found that only 10% of managers demonstrate natural talent for leading others, while 90%   need to develop those skills.


Decrease your turnover

At least 9% and possibly as much as 32% of an organization’s staff turnover can be avoided through better leadership skills.


Increase your return

A study by McKinsey shows that companies with top leadership effectiveness generate 3.5 times more shareholder return.

Find the answer to your leadership challenge

Why work with WolfPak

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Learn with your AI enhanced leadership companion

We rely on the power of AI and data to accelerate the learning curve. 
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Lay the foundation for high performing, winning teams

Businesses and sport teams both need strong teamwork and individual excellence to succeed. Learn how to apply the same strategies to create a winning team culture!
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Measure progress

We accompany your leadership team in reaching their goals and let them evaluate their progress on a regular basis.
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Times Up!
Don't get whacked yourself.
Learn how to become a good boss with WolfPak.

Why Leadership matters

A study by McKinsey shows that companies with top leadership effectiveness generate 3.5 times more shareholder return.
Gallup  estimates that the lack of leadership capability costs up to $550 billion annually - in the U.S. market alone.

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What others say about us

«WolfPak came well-prepared to our office in Malaysia with an engaging, research-driven workshop that had our entire team buzzing with motivation afterward. We were all very impressed with their interactive approach to the material. They were able to highlight our team's strengths while asking insightful, targeted questions that prompted self-reflection for improvement, at every seniority level. They were true professionals throughout and we are greatly looking forward to our continued partnership!.»

Josh Stevens
Global People Operations Manager, GuestReady

«It is important to get the basic of leadership right already at the beginning. If you already have early flaws in leadership, it can jeopardize your entire company culture and even the company itself. WolfPak gives support to young leaders that have little experience in leadership.If you can get this right, your company has half of its problem solved.»

Antonio Barresi
CEO and Founder xorlab

«Too many talented women leave their jobs because of bad leadership and no perspectives. Companies lose revenue and miss out on potential by not empowering women and young leaders. What WolfPak is doing is much needed for the world!»

Wies Bratby
Founder Women In Negotiation

«If you don't invest in your young leaders early enough, you will pay for it later. I have went through it already and it is expensive. I would have loved to have a leadership companion like WolfPak in my earlier days as new leader.»

Vincent Rosso
Co-Founder Blabla Cars